Dull Black Limestone Floor Renovated in Worsley

The photographs below are of a large Black Limestone floor at a property in Worsley which as you can see was not looking its best. Black Limestone does have a bit of a bad reputation but we find that’s mainly when used externally, The UK weather tends to leach the Oil content out of the stone causing it to look grey and generally washed out. The good news is it’s a different story when used internally although it is acid sensitive so you need to avoid the use of acidic cleaning products like bleach based as it will damage the Stone.

Black Limestone Floor Before Renovation Worsley Black Limestone Floor Before Renovation Worsley

Restoring the Appearance of a Black Limestone Floor

To clean this Black Limestone floor a strong dilution of Tile Doctor Remove and Go was applied and worked it in with a 200-Grit Milling pad. These pads have a coating of industrial diamonds which work well on stone. The pad is attached to a Buffing machine and the rough texture of the pad allows it to reach into the riven parts of the stone making for a deep clean. Once done the soiling was rinsed off with water and extracted with a wet vacuum.

Black Limestone Floor During Renovation Worsley Black Limestone Floor During Renovation Worsley

Some pointing was missing on his floor so we topped this up and there was a bit of paint as well and we got this off using some Tile Doctor Oxy gel which worked a treat. It took about thirty minutes to break down the paint particles and then water was added and scrubbed and rinsed as before, then extracted with the wet vacuum.

Sealing Limestone Patio Tiles to Restore Colour

Black Limestone is one of those stones that can look very sorry for itself until its treated and then sealed, at which point it just comes to life and looks fantastic. I wouldn’t recommend this stone for wet areas including bathrooms, shower rooms etc and certainly not outside but inside say in a Kitchen, Conservatory, Hallway etc its works really well and it looks Great when it’s done properly.

Black Limestone Floor During Sealing Worsley

The sealer used on this occasion is called Tile Doctor X-Tra sealer, it’s a one coat oil-based resin sealer that is fully breathable. The oil content works especially well on Black stone as it replaces the oil content that been lost. The result was completely transformational and the new sealer really did put the colour and life back into the stone floor.

Black Limestone Floor After Renovation Worsley Black Limestone Floor After Renovation Worsley

As usual before leaving we took time to go through maintenance with the customers as its very important not to use any detergents, acids, or bleach cleaning products on this type of stone. They will upset the sealer and then the stone and before long it will all need doing again; as such we recommend the use of a Tile Doctor Neutral Cleaner which won’t upset the sealer or the oil content and will clean without issue.


Professional Restoration of a Black Limestone Floor in Salford’s

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